Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brian's White Coat Ceremony

Brian started medical school back in July at A.T. Still University. He is already in his eighth week of school and he loves it! Zachary and I have to take dinner to the school on most nights if we want to see him. Zachary loves going to Brian's school, he calls it the pirate school, because of the skeletons. He even got the courage to give the skeleton a high five. It has been our tradition while Brian and I are eating our dinner; Zachary gets to eat M&M's from the vending machine. His aunt Cody asked him what his dad does at school and he said, "He eats M&M's." I think Zachary is going to be a doctor some day too.

Student Doctor Goodman

Brian practicing his skills on little brother chase

Zachary practicing his skills on his favorite dog Kuli

Zachary's other favorite dog named Green Puppy


*Ashley said...

Oh my gosh this post totally made my day!! You guys have such a cute little family! Alright! Doctor Goodman!!

Celina said...

Love love love this post. Keep em coming Mel!! I miss you guys...especially that lil boy!!